Many brands gain exposure through event marketing. The business aims to market the event, leverage maximum exposure from the event (in line with the brands image). To the benefit of the brand it will be seen more positively and it is an opportune stage to showcase its personality.


Everything from conceptualizing the event to the complete implementation is what we are experts at. We have a team that work collectively to ensure the all round success of any event from retail centre promotions, conferences, networking opportunities, product launches, team-builds to major concerts. You need look no further as the team at Zoey Events is both equipped and amazing.



This is about establishing a look for the company. This enables consumers to recognize the brand. The benefit is that the look of the company is consistent with the product/service that it provides, differentiated and set apart from other brands in the market.


This forms a significant part of the strategic blend. To establish what business the client is in and gain an understanding thereof, it is important to research companies, brands, size of markets, trends, threats , how are competitors performing in relation to the client, short and long term changes expected in the market. Research inevitably allows th

e client to make an informed decision on their marketing portfolio. It allows the business to understand the brands, consumer behaviour, thoughts and the market in which the brand operates.


What effectively trained personnel, lend to a business CAN NOT be equated to in rands? We have a team of highly educated, dynamic qualified facilitators that are able to walk in, motivate, educate and grow your staff. Training is not a standard presentation that goes out to every client but each session is structured to meet the needs of the specific client. Training is interactive, exciting and aims to bring staff out, feeling more passionate and equipped to push beyond boundaries.

We have had the privilege to train hospitality staff in Customer Service for the following events:

2010 World Cup

2012 Cop 17

2013 BRICS summit

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To progress Zoey Events and Marketing from an expert specializing in full services marketing to an authority in the field. To do so with dignity, respect and ethics that are beyond question.

The mission is excelling in all that we do and to give clients the best PR, Communications and Marketing services one can find.

Visit for more information about our monthly networking forum which is an independent organisation which creates platforms for like- minded business executives to network, synergize and boost the economy of SA.

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