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Zoey is more than just a team of innovative persons making YOUR business work.

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About Zoey Events
Zoey Events is a dynamic, goal driven, passionate and successful team of innovative strategists.  We assist in establishing marketing portfolios, building on current marketing portfolios or redefining them.  We ensure that companies become benchmarks in their respective industries by positioning or repositioning companies, building the brand and its identity, establishing the marketing mix, understanding the customer mix to maximize the bottom line.
Events And Sponsorship
Many brands gain exposure through event marketing.  The business aims to market the event, leverage maximum exposure from the event (in line with the brands image).  To the benefit of the brand it will be seen more positively and it is an opportune stage to showcase its personality.
Zoey Events provides our customers with innovative as well as exciting team building options
From conferences to small exhibitions, we strive to make your event a successful one
With a large database of quality suppliers, we accommodate your event by structuring your event with budget in mind
Tel: 083 937 4171
Fax: 086 661 7331
Suite 12 1st Floor
Protea Hotel
14 Palm Boulevard
Umhlanga Ridge

To progress Zoey Events and Marketing from an expert specializing in full services marketing to an authority in the field. To do so with dignity, respect and ethics that are beyond question.

The mission is excelling in all that we do and to give clients the best PR, Communications and Marketing services one can find. 

Visit for more information about our monthly networking forum which is an independent organisation which creates platforms for like- minded business executives to network, synergize and boost the economy of SA.

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